Q: How much power can Ionity charging stations deliver?

A: In the first phase most of the charging stalls will be able to deliver up to 80kW as they are utilizing CCS 1.0 cables.. In the second phase the stalls will be able to deliver up to 350kW when Ionity has swapped to CCS 2.0 cables. Unlike Tesla Superchargers, the Ionity stalls have dedicated capacity and do not share their 350kW with any other charging stalls.

Q: Can I charge my CHAdeMO car at Ionity?

A: No. Ionity charging stations ONLY support CCS charging.

Q: Can I charge my Tesla at an Ionity charging station?

A: Yes and no. Model 3 will have native CCS support meaning that you will be able to charge it at Ionity charging stations without the need of an adapter. In the future Tesla will release a CCS adapter for Model S and Model X, which makes it possible for them to charge at Ionity but right now they can not charge at Ionity.

Q: Can all cars charge with 350kW?

A: No. Your car must also support charging with 350kW to be able to utilize the full capacity of Ionity charging stations. If your car support a maximum power of 70kW, it won’t matter if you charge on a 150kW or 350kW charging station, you will still only get 70kW.

Side note: the same methodology applies if you charge on a 50kW charging station with a 70kW capable car. You will in that case only get a maximum of 50kW since it’s the lowest rated component of [charging station and car] that will set the maximum charging limit.